Do your reviews get you down?

You know the feeling, you go to google, and search for your music business, academy or school and find that your competitors are crushing you. The first thing that pops up are a few music schools with reviews. Lots of them.
How do they do it?

The secret that all good local business owners know is that in order to rank high in google, you need more and better reviews than your competition. There is only one way to do that, be proactive and consistently ask your students to review your business

But that is such a pain you think to yourself. What if this could be done automatically? And if your review rate could grow automatically and organically week in and week out?

Here’s Where Onestop Booking Can Help You


Turn real music student feedback into organic positive reviews for Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor and even Amazon.


Track and monitor your progress with reports.


Get notified by negative or neutral experiences so you can handle them offline before these customers leave you negative reviews.


Mike TeckuOwner Sky Solutions LLC

No one sells your products better than your customers, so it’s always been our top priority to get 5-star reviews. For years we used the other leading Amazon review system, but switching to Onestop Booking literarily doubled the rate of 5 star reviews we were getting. I love hearing about all the happy customers but, more importantly, having the exponential social proof has pushed our sales through the roof!

Mark LohmanOwner Planet Massage

They have a really AWESOME offering, that I find to be in great demand for my market. I appreciate the commitment and style of the people at Onestop Booking. Personally, I think they have a really winning service.

Chris B eCommerce Specialist

Onestop Booking is an excellent email tool that helps my business tremendously by automating and keeping track of emails sent to my customers. It’s only been a month since I joined, and there has already been improvement made to the functionality of an already well made service. The support is also top notch. Onestop Booking rocks!

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Keep your music students coming back

Four out of five of all prospective students looking for a new business in your area reverse their decisions based on negative reviews.
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Does your Google My Business listing have some recent negative reviews? You could be losing students before they’ve even visited your website. Think about it for yourself, haven’t you recently checked reviews for something and changed your mind because of a single bad review? Yes you have!

While you can’t have negative reviews removed, anyone that tells you that you can is lying. You can flood and bury those nasty negative reviews with warm, glowing reviews.

Eighty percent of students believe and trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
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Send all of your music students customized Thank You emails with a short survey, filter them by good, neutral or negative experiences, and send the positive responses to post you reviews to help boost your music school's rankings and have new students breaking down your doors.

A one star rating boost, going from 3.9 stars to 4.9 stars can lead to a 20% increase in online sales. That’s not even counting how Google or Bing will reward your listing for having more and better reviews than your competition.
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Flood your review page listing with quick and easy automated drip email sequences to get your best students raving about your music school with zero hassle from you. Do you hate asking your students for reviews? We all do, but with a one button click you can automate this labor intensive process and climb up through the review rankings. Sign up today to get started to tripling your reviews in 30 days, for free. Zero. Nothing. Keep the reviews you make forever.


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