30-Day Free Trial On All Plans

Onestop Booking offers a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs and budget. The primary differentiating feature between the plans is the number of customer contacts performed each month.

Lite Plan



£22 per month per user Booking system with up to 50 contacts per month Employee management Client bookings
Booking page to manage new leads Payment gateway in multiple currencies

Premium Plan Popular




£49 per month per user Booking system with no limits Employee management Client bookings
Booking page to manage new leads Payment gateway in multiple currencies




£99 per month per user Get access to our leads engine Booking system with no limits plus access to leads marketplace
Guaranteed leads every week Collect reviews to your website Send custom emails to an unlimited number of clients

Accepts payments, Globally

Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards


Still have doubts?

Do you need a website too? Check out our Enterprise plan that includes a setup of a new website. Setup costs are $100 per month, free consultations and integrations with our software.

Geordie Wardman

“We have integrated with some of the world’s most powerful and popular applications to make sure you stay connected with your customers, and the applications that are most important to your business, while also eliminating unnecessary costs and additional software.”

The different prices are based upon the number of Bookings made on a monthly basis.  This plan is ideal for the small business owner that is receiving less than 50 bookings per month, irrespective of number of clients. The next package is an unlimited number of bookings at €49 per month, and finally the Enterprise level which offers you an industry leading website, with all integrations and hosting taken care of. 

That is 100% fine. We are a pay as you go software service. There are no contacts, not even for one month, plus you get to try the software for 30 days at no cost. 

No, there are no signed contracts.  You simply signup for free for 30 days, and can quit at any time, your data will be safe and is deleted after 90 days of leaving the service.

You enter your credit card just as you would for any other online service. We accept visa, mastercard, and Paypal in nearly all currencies, though we charge in euros.

Yes, there is. You will get 2 free months if you decide to book for a year in advance. So 12 months of service for the costs of 10 months for each of the plans.

Inside the settings & configuration area of your profile, you will see an option to cancel the service. You can also write our support email, and we are happy to cancel the service should you wish to no longer continue. 

Yes, changing plans is easy. You can click on the upgrade now banner inside the billing section, or write our support department to upgrade for you.

It is impossible for anyone to remove bad reviews except for the person that wrote the review. Anyone that tells you differently is misleading you. What we recommend to our clients is to bury bad reviews with great reviews. People are most likely to take a few bad reviews with grain of salt if there are many other positive reviews. 

The different prices are based upon the number of customer contacts made on a monthly basis. So once your customer receives your service or product the sequence of email communications begins – first a “thank you”, followed by a short survey, etc. Bottom line is that the number of customers you service in a given month will determine the plan that is right for you.

At this point, we post to google reviews as that is the most important review platform due to its importance in search Engine optimisation and rankings. We also can post each positive review directly to your website if you host your website with us.

Nothing more than to just click on the Get Started Button below or go to Our Sign Up Page

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