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I had been using a mix of spreadsheets, word documents, and other applications to manage my vacation-based nanny agency. It was a nightmare, and prone to human-made mistakes, I couldn’t really trust my staff to run the systems, which left me having to do all of the work. With onestop booking, I can relax, and let the system manage everything. It’s been a game-changer for my business. Sarina Brook Manager Petit Verbier Nanny Agency Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we don’t charge you anything to help place you with the right nanny or babysitter agency. We use our AI tool to match you with the right nanny agency. The agency charges their own fees, but they will be according to your budget. Just tell us what rates you need. 

It is pretty simple. You fill out this form, and we will match a nanny service according to your needs. We don’t always get it right, so if the first nanny isn’t a good fit, be patient and we will send some others. When you are happy, carry on with that agency on a one to one customer relationship. 

Well, you can do what you want, but you may be charged. Plus, it is a lot of work calling and looking for a nanny. Let our software do the work. This is especially true if you have done a bit of planning and have a week or two before you need to start. 

If you need a nanny or sitter right away, that’s fine. Just tell us. We will make sure you match you with a service provider that will have immediate availability. We have a very large and extensive nanny agency database. We will find you the right person to care for your precious young one very quickly. 

Agency prices range based on location, experience and your specific needs. Generally, we recommend that you budget for £16 on the low end to £25 on the high end based on specific needs. 

Generally, we find that most nanny agencies will allow a bit of light work while the children are napping or during slow times.  We recommend that you work this out with the nanny or babysitter once you are in contact with one that you like.