Jessica Nanny
Jessica Nanny

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Having worked has a night nanny/maternity nurse for the past eight years I am experienced working with babies of at all stages of development, particularly new-borns. This experience coupled with my continual journey of self-improvement have equipped me with the best set of skills to look after a baby or babies. I take pride in my professional development which is why I take part in seminars and read relevant articles to keep my knowledge of health and safety surrounding childcare current. I hold a certified level 4 Maternity nurse qualification. I have experience supporting mothers with a low milk supply and issues breastfeeding. After achieving my sleep training certificate. Being able to support and make the journey into motherhood easier on others is why I choose to become a Maternity nurse.

Professional Experience

February 2024 Hayriye Turnham green

I worked with Hayriye to assist her in soothing her little one. I worked during the day to show mum how to care for the baby. I advised mum on how to safe sleep and how to settle the baby once they wake up. Has the baby was breastfed I advised mum on how to breastfeed and latch the baby.

June 2023 Shizimu Lancaster gate

I worked in conjunction with the parents to trouble shoot why the baby was waking every 2 hours. Once this was done the babby was sleeping 4 hours at a time. I worked together with the parents to get the baby into a good night routine from 6 weeks to 15 weeks. I was tasked with cleaning the bottle used in the night, changing, and feeding the baby in the night.

March 2023 Buchannan Paddington

I collaborated with Rowan to assist in soothing their infant back to sleep, who was exclusively breastfed. My responsibility involved gently burping and gently rocking the baby to lull them back to slumber.

April 2022 Louise Denmark hill

I worked has a night nannie for Louise helping settle the baby down after her night time routine which consisted of bath time, I washed clean any bottles used in the night and used my sleep training knowledge to get the baby to sleep through the night after 3 month


  • Experience assisting first time mothers.
  • Undergraduate degree in biomedical science 2019
  • Postnatal care
  • OCN Postnatal Maternity nurse qualification.
  • Supporting and encouraging training 2020.
  • Sleep training.
  • Sterilising and making up bottles.
  • Baby Massage.
  • Paediatric first aid 2023
  • DBS update service 2023.


Jessica Nanny
Jessica Nanny

We were first approached by Onestop Nanny after we sent an email to enquire about a nanny. We received a call from them shortly there after and everything has been so smooth. I am so impressed by how efficiently they have everything working. Their process to bring us on board was friendly, easy and very seamless. Having our first baby was something we were nervous about, but onestop nanny took care of us, and now we know we are in the best hands.

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