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What We Do

At Onestop Nanny London, we are deeply committed to providing unparalleled childcare services, catering exclusively to the discerning needs of high-end parents in the London market. Our philosophy centers around a dual-focused approach: offering children the highest standard of care and ensuring parents peace of mind knowing their little ones are in the best hands. As the founder of Onestop Nanny, my dedication to hiring only the most exceptional caregivers is unwavering. Here, we detail our unique value proposition, the rigorous skills required to run our nanny agency, and the paramount UK qualifications all our nannies possess.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between your family’s distinctive needs and the exceptional care your children deserve. We understand that entrusting someone with the care of your child is one of the most significant decisions you can make. That’s why at Onestop Nanny, we go beyond the traditional nanny agency model. We curate bespoke childcare solutions that align with the sophisticated lifestyles and unique preferences of families in London’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

The Skills That Set Us Apart

Vigilant Selection Process: Running a successful high-end nanny agency in London demands a discerning eye for talent and a stringent selection process. We meticulously vet each caregiver, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the industry standards for childcare. Our recruitment process includes comprehensive background checks, in-depth interviews, and practical assessments to gauge a candidate’s aptitude and compatibility with our elite clientele.

Tailored Training Programs: Beyond qualifications, we invest in continuous professional development for our nannies through bespoke training programs. These cover everything from early childhood education and special needs care to etiquette and discretion, ensuring our caregivers are equipped to provide supportive, enriching, and respectful care in every interaction.

Exceptional Matchmaking: Understanding the unique dynamics of each family is crucial. Our team possesses the nuanced skills required to match your family with a nanny who not only meets your criteria but also seamlessly integrates into your home, respecting its values, routines, and privacy.

UK Qualifications for Our Nannies

Recognised Childcare Certifications: All our nannies hold recognised qualifications in childcare, such as the Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) or equivalent, ensuring they have a solid foundation in early childhood development and care.

Paediatric First Aid: To ensure the utmost safety of your children, every nanny is certified in paediatric first aid, trained to respond effectively to a wide range of situations that could arise with children of all ages.

Enhanced DBS Checks: The safety and well-being of your children are paramount. Therefore, each nanny undergoes an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, providing assurance of their suitability to work with children.

Continued Professional Development: We encourage and facilitate our nannies’ ongoing learning and development in specialized areas such as special educational needs, dietary requirements, and advanced child psychology. This commitment ensures our team stays at the forefront of childcare best practices.

Our Pledge To You

We pledge to deliver a service that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. Our dedication to excellence, combined with our stringent standards for qualifications and personal qualities of our nannies, ensures that we offer a premium childcare solution. We invite you to entrust us with the care of your most precious ones, confident in the knowledge that they are receiving the finest care available in London.

Choose Onestop Nanny for a childcare experience that sets a new standard in excellence and peace of mind.

Professional Experience

Education & Business Experience


  • University of Aberdeen, MSc Information Systems: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
  • University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA: Forest Sciences


  • Check all that apply CPR
  • Potty training
  • Sleep training
  • Education/knowledge of child development
  • Ability to prepare healthy meals
  • Child psychology


onestop nanny
onestop nanny

We were first approached by Onestop Nanny after we sent an email to enquire about a nanny. We received a call from them shortly there after and everything has been so smooth. I am so impressed by how efficiently they have everything working. Their process to bring us on board was friendly, easy and very seamless. Having our first baby was something we were nervous about, but onestop nanny took care of us, and now we know we are in the best hands.

Geordie Wardman
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