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All those interested in discovering how to create video testimonials are people who have understood the importance that customers reviews have when building their reputation. Since the most trusted way to shop is to look for products and services that have been positively reviewed by others, here is how you can document the shopping outcome of your best past customers.
Whenever you are working on creating video testimonials, make sure they are never longer than 1 minute.
The average of such a clip should be about 30 second in which you need to cover 3 main aspects with the client:

  • Describing the person – The client need to be able to show that he or she is a person just like all the other potential customers of your product/service. This will help the people who are watching the video identify themselves as having similar characteristics to the person talking. The speakers should state her name and city of residence (unless you decide to have a caption at the bottom of the screen with that info, in which case the pronounced words are no longer required). Age is optional, although in some cases it would be relevant, especially if you product or service is dedicated for people in a very specific age range. In this part, the person giving the testimonial should also reveal a weakness, a loss or a problem they have experience prior to purchasing your product or acquitting your service. Problems could be anything from “I used to spend 20 hours per week cleaning my house” to “people would often mock me because of my weight”. Again, the problem needs to be relevant and in direct connection with the solution your product provides.
  • Speaking about the product – This step is going to have a different workflow depending on the specifics of what you are offering. The speaker needs to explain the circumstances in which the product was acquired and speak about the product in general. How did he put it to work? Were there any limiting beliefs that the product managed to solve? What are the improvements/changes that the acquisition of the product has managed to bring? What became better/faster/stronger?
  •  Explaining the outcome – In this last part, subjectivity is the kind. The client in the video needs to be able to connect the product with an emotion and tell everyone why he would recommend this product to others. Basically, this last phase is where the problem, the product and the solution all come together in order to create a story with a happy ending.

While these are the main steps to getting a great video testimonial, there are also a couple of tips to help you along the way.
First of all, know that filming such a clip requires no fancy equipment. In fact, if you have a smartphone with a good camera, that should cover it. Avoid reading. The words of your customer should come naturally; they should express exactly how the product helped solve his problem. If he feels the need to pause when talking, let him pause.
Are there any more tips that you could give us? Write them in the comments section and let us know what else you would do in order to get a great customer testimonial.

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