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Finding your passion for business w/ Micha Mikailian

Micha Mikailian might be the definition of a serial entrepreneur, starting 8 different companies since he was a teenager. He connected with the idea of being an entrepreneur ever since he was in high school, DJing for dances and events.

He has a unique way of looking at businesses we chat about.
#1 – Competencies
#2 – Goals
#3 – Values

He started an internet yellow pages company in 1994 when he was 17. He had no idea how to run a business… People thought he was crazy for even starting.
Made close to a million dollars by 22.
Spent a lot of money and did a lot of stupid stuff. Bad investments and companies that went bust left him at rock bottom by 25.
He was in denial for several months. Ignoring reality instead of working to get himself out. Once he realized that he shifted his behavior, found some mentors, and started asking for help.
We dive into his current project. What it does and why Micha started this company.
Make sure to listen to the end as we talk about how to find mentors and some of the biggest mistakes Micha sees mentee’s making when trying to find a mentor.

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