Josh Fuson

Streamlining Your Business and Running Effective Ad Campaigns w/ Josh Fuson

Josh started out doing network marketing. He struggled to make any progress the “traditional” way, discovering direct response marketing and how the tactics applied online.
A partner and him started HBSA, an online publishing company that serves the home-based business community providing information, consultation, products, and services to serve and assist those who are running small, networking, or home-based business.
He talks about some 6 figure mistakes Josh and his partner made. And what actions they could have taken to avoided them.

Josh was left with a bloated company with debt and high overhead. He walks through what he did to take a floundering business, create more revenue and lower overhead. He gives some good ideas on what to be focusing on and thinking about changing.
The step by step walk through of how he thinks about business and what he looks for. It’s a great method to see what markets will work and what doesn’t. Real life examples of what has and hasn’t worked for Josh.
He also walks through how he buys media.
Specifically banner ads and then where you should put them.
They currently spend over $50,000 a month in their online ads and have achieved a 6-7x return.

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