Music Teachers Helper Alternatives

Music Teacher’s Helper Alternatives

Music Teacher’s Helper is a comprehensive online procedure that allows an educator to plan their teaching studio. Apart from getting the inaugural 30 days free after signing up for the monthly service, you also get powerful tools. With these tools, you can track your past, current, and waitlist students, acquire online payments, and set recurring payments.
The Music Teacher’s Helper platform facilitates communication between your students through uploaded documents and email. Find out more about this platform and discover some of the best Music Teacher’s Helper alternatives.

About Music Teacher’s Helper

Teacher’s Helper
Signing up on this music teaching platform allows you access to an adequately functioning website. Leverage this website to create an online presence and a robust control panel. Students can use these structures to interact with you and the website. Payment processing through a credit card or a PayPal merchant account also becomes easy, and you can keep track of expenses such as supplies and mileage, and library property that you lend to students.
With this platform, students can keep track of their repertoire and practice, and you can take notes on things your students can see. While Music Teacher’s Helper is an excellent school management system, there are other alternatives you can use, as seen below.

Music Teacher’s Helper Alternatives

Whether you are a public or private music teacher, these Music Teacher’s helper competitors will help you run your teaching studio with ease.

·       Fons

Fons is an appointment scheduling system that is ideal for business owners and independent professionals. Whether you are a piano teacher, academic instructor, athletic coach, or even personal trainer, this system will help you achieve your goals. You can use this cloud-based platform to schedule lessons and receive payment. A third-generation music educator founded Fons in collaboration with an outstanding technical team.
Fons eliminates scheduling and invoicing challenges. With Fons, you won’t have to chase payments. The platform is now integrated with Zoom enabling you to teach online. It is user-friendly and convenient for music teachers and independent educators. Apart from being affordable and secure, users get exceptional customer service. Fons handles all your business needs so that you can channel your energy on what you love doing.

·       Pike13

Pike13 is a scheduling and client management online-based software solution that is ideal for wellness and health clubs, music, fitness, and dance studios. The platform also comes with reporting functionalities. With Pike13, users can streamline client sign-up, online booking, client notifications, and monthly payment processing. Further, this system supports coupons, electronic payments, credits, payroll management, and discounts.
Pike13 offers analytics and reporting features to evaluate client particulars and trends. Users can include new client data and regulate customer relationships with this tool. You can also add extra notes alongside client profiles. Pike13 is DSS PCI compliant, and users can access it through a range of desktop-based and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.
This platform blends with third-party apps like Emma and MailChimp for seamless email marketing, Google Analytics, and Smartwaiver for automating sales and marketing.

·       Jackrabbit Music

Jackrabbit Music
Jackrabbit Music is one of the robust, reliable, and responsive classes and membership management software today. It has been used in over 12,000 schools the world over. The software gives users full control of their business, enabling them to concentrate on managing things that matter.

·       Why choose Jackrabbit Music?

Jackrabbit Music delivers a unique combination of scalability, speed, and reliability. Users can rely on the music school software to streamline their operations, save time, and make money. Jackrabbit Music comes with an online registration capability that eliminates paperwork and improves customer convenience. Other features include:

Billing Payments

Your students can pay tuition fees online, which eliminates late payments or unnecessary phone calls.

Time Clock

This feature eliminates manual counting of staff hours and paper timesheets, allowing you to save costs and time.

Point of Sale

Jackrabbit Music maximizes the performance, function, and efficiency of an institution’s or individual’s front desk.

Executive Dashboard

This software comes with management tools that organize and categorizes business data.

              Skill Tracking

Music educators can update student skills easily and alert parents when their kids master new skills.


TeacherZone is an education and business cloud-based lesson management system that assists businesses in planning lessons and managing students. It comes with various features such as progress tracking, e-learning management, payroll and billing management, notifications, and reporting.
TeacherZone features a learning management unit that gives mentors access to the inbuilt library to develop and customize student assignments. It also facilitates performance tracking in real-time. TeacherZone offers a multimedia and YouTube API tool, allowing teachers to create various video tutorials.
Trainers can leverage the drag and drop tool to allocate rooms to students, plan timetables, and monitor attendance. With the TeacherZone mobile app, mentors can alert students through group chats, email, and SMS on each task update. Music teachers can set reminders and dispatch reports to students at the end of training sessions.
Parents can leverage personal portals to receive weekly and daily practice reminders. Further, institutions can integrate the payment widget on their sites to streamline the collection of recurring fees, invoicing, and assessment of payment status.

·       Wellness Living

WellnessLiving is a business management cloud-based solution for all wellness studios regardless of their size. It comes with various key features such as class scheduling, payments, online booking, and marketing management. WellnessLiving features an online booking platform that students can use to book classes in the available time openings.
Users can leverage the automated reminders to send students text and email reminders to ensure they know their class time. WellnessLiving comes with a user-friendly multiple-channel booking option that you can leverage to increase your attendance rates. It also features a range of automation that you can leverage to reach more potential learners and fill your music lesson class.

·       My Music Staff

My Music Staff is a web-based studio management software that helps music educators to manage their schedule, students, and billing in a central place. My Music Staff enables you to maintain organization and saves you the time you would otherwise spend executing admin duties.

·       Why Choose My Music Staff?

My Music Staff is exclusively made for music teachers and comes with music studio-specific features. The developers of this system rely on feedback from users to upgrade it with new features regularly. Apart from managing your operations in a centralized place, My Music Staff allows students to plan their sheet music lessons.

·       My Music Staff Works for Studios

My Music Staff is not only flexible, but it also conforms to your business. Music teachers operate their studios differently, but this system accommodates a range of business models. My Music Staff remains user friendly and intuitive across different devices.

·       TeachWorks

TeachWorks offers crucial features that many teaching companies need in a user-friendly and intuitive format. You can leverage this platform to manage employees, clients, invoicing, scheduling, teacher worksheets, communication, and the payroll. TeachWorks comes with multiple calendar filters and views, scheduling conflict evaluation, and teacher availability to manage complicated schedules. Other critical features include:

Analytics and Recording

Collect and maintain precise records of your music business. Assess data and set up reports to acquire insights to enhance your business.

Smooth Communication

Configure automatic email lesson notes and music lesson reminders, and send clients alerts on new payment receipts or invoices.

              Automated Billing

TeachWorks allows users to automate wage and billing calculations, accept payments online, and create professional invoices.

TeachWorks is Accessible from Anywhere

Whether you live in the United Kingdom or Australia, you can access Teachworks via your web browser over the internet. It is compatible with all modern browsers, and you do not need to install software or maintain it to enjoy its features.

Personal User Accounts

With Teachworks, you can give your clients and employees access to personal accounts online, customized with their schedules and information.


Music teachers need robust tools to facilitate a smooth teaching process. Leverage these systems to boost your performance and attract more students. Learn more about music and music teaching from our blog.

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