What is Online Booking CRM

What is Online Booking CRM?

An online booking CRM is a system that handles your booking needs while also helping you to manage and enhance your customer relationships effortlessly. These systems are perfect for increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, ensuring better resource allocation, and improving customer satisfaction.

What is an Appointment in CRM?

It is a feature in CRM software that allows you to schedule bookings and appointments with your customers. The feature enables you to arrange physical meetups with customers and allocate appropriate times for calls.
It also allows you and your customers to input entries in an inbuilt calendar, or any other calendar application like Google Calendar. And in so doing, it enables you to:

  • allocate enough time to prepare for bookings, meetings, or appointments with customers
  • guarantee smooth interactions with your customers
  • illustrate how much you care and value your customers
  • streamline your organization processes through proper planning
  • create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your clients by customizing experiences to their needs.

What are the Benefits of Online Booking?

Benefits of Online Booking
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The following are the main benefits that online booking affords to small and medium-sized businesses.

Increased sales

When you set up an online booking system, it will be easier and more convenient for your customers to order or access your services. Why? Because they won’t have to travel to your premises or one of your branches to get them.
The flow from having a need and accessing a solution will also be shorter. It is something that will improve your conversions. With time, it will go a long way towards improving your overall sales.

Reduced operational costs

Online systems do not require as many administration resources as off-net systems.
Most of the processes of an online booking system are automated. It is often a customer-centered and customer-controlled process, making it easier for businesses to lower the cost of hiring and maintaining personnel. And in times when budget-tightening is essential to a company’s competitive edge, implementing an online booking system can be crucial in determining whether the company thrives.

Reduced human error risk

An online booking system is largely automated. It utilizes automation to minimize manual data transfers. As a result, it helps to reduce human error since manual data entry mainly happens when the client fills out a form on the booking page.
Also, since it requires the customer to input information into the system, the chances of an employee mishearing or misremembering a name or number are low. There is also the fact that most online booking systems have inbuilt controls to minimize errors.
Therefore, since little employee input is needed, you will reduce the number of errors that can happen as far as your bookings are concerned. The inbuilt controls that most booking systems have will also enhance their accuracy and reliability. These are things that often translate into improved efficiencies.

24/7 Operation

Once you install an online system, you will receive and process orders at all times of the day. As long as your website is online, customers can always access your products or services no matter the time of day.
Since they can book appointments, place orders, and submit requests at any time, having an online booking system increases the earning potential of your business. It also makes it convenient for your clients since they can access your services or products whenever and wherever they want.

Pros and Cons of Online Booking CRMs?

Pros and Cons of Online Booking CRMs
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Businesses are increasingly integrating online booking CRM applications into their business operations. It is a move that has several advantages and disadvantages.
Here are the main ones.


The advantages of using a CRM include:

It increases marketing campaign effectiveness.

Using a CRM to manage your bookings and customer relationships will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. A good scheduling tool will be able to aggregate all customer information about their purchases, rate of cancellations, the likelihood of no-shows, and any other relevant information.
They can then build a comprehensive profile of your target customers and what messaging can best speak to them. This data can then form the basis for creating targeted campaigns that are way more effective than one-size-fits-all alternatives.
What makes it even better is most systems have tools that allow for:

  • messaging automation that allows for easy SMS outreach, lead generation, and marketing automation through mobile phones
  • linking to social media accounts and automatically posting to the accounts, and
  • easy follow-up
marketing campaign effectiveness
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It simplifies the booking and appointment scheduling process.

Appointment booking software automates the booking and appointment-making process. As a result, minimal manual intervention is needed for a customer to go through the booking process.
This simplicity allows for an effortless flow of information throughout the organization when the booking app allows for real-time syncing.
It reduces the time needed to process an order, appointment, or booking. It makes it painless to schedule meetings. And with time, it usually helps to increase efficiency throughout the organization.

It allows for tailored customized experiences.

Since customer relationship management software allows an organization to build comprehensive customer profiles, they often help organizations to create tailored experiences for their clients. It is something that usually makes customers feel valued. And it is often responsible for better customer satisfaction.
In the long run, this eventually translates to returning customers and repeat orders. As a result, when implemented, CRM applications can be integral to guaranteeing the long-term health of a business.

Pros Online Booking
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The downsides to implementing an online booking CRM include:

Costly adoption process

It can be quite costly to implement an appointment booking solution. This is because you need to reorganize most of the processes of your business around the system. The reorganization, implementation, and training costs that are necessary to effectively have a functioning online appointment scheduling system can sometimes get out of control.
Furthermore, while the subscription fee pricing of a given appointment scheduling software may be affordable to a business, it often costs more to run and maintain such a system.
One has to pay for support fees, data cleansing costs, and CRM integration costs. In some cases, you may even have to invest in new equipment and pay for any consultations that may happen after installation.

Security challenges

Taking a significant portion of your business online also means exposing your company to the possibility of cyber attacks. This means that every time you collect and store credit card information, or any other sensitive information on your systems, it will be at risk.
Given the potential damage that such an attack can inflict, businesses have to invest in extra security software. They also have to implement extra controls that are designed to guarantee data security. All of these things usually necessitate additional processes.

What are the Best CRMs for QuickBooks Online for Small Businesses?

Best CRMs for QuickBooks Online for Small Businesses
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If your business is using QuickBooks, using a CRM that features native QuickBooks integration is critical to unlocking your organization’s potential.
However, not every Customer Relationship Management software that can interface with QuickBooks is ideal.
For it to be worth using in your business, it has to have:

  • A mobile app. The mobile app should allow you to track and manage bookings right from your mobile device.
  • A messaging feature.It should have a feature that allows you to contact your clients directly via text message.
  • A scheduling platform. The platform should have enough features to make online scheduling a breeze. It should include features that help you to stay organized. It should also include timely appointment reminders, in-app notifications, automatic calendar sync, and controls that prevent double bookings.
  • A responsive customer support departmentwhose team members are focused on helping you to get the most out of the system
  • A long-enough free-trial period. The trial period should be enough to allow you to evaluate the software. A 14-day trial period is popular. It is often sufficient enough to enable proper testing.
  • Online marketing tools. It should have a wide array of marketing tools that enhance your ability to conduct effective email marketing campaigns and data-guided lead generation efforts. It will be a bonus if the tools can integrate flawlessly with Outlook, Google Calendar, and other popular apps.

The following are the best CRMs for QuickBooks Online for small businesses that are actually worth using.


Zoho CRM has an extension that allows for direct syncing with QuickBooks online. The existence of this extension eliminates the need to use third-party applications. And when you consider that it offers enhanced customization options of the CRM solution makes it a go-to solution for people looking for the best CRM for QuickBooks online.


If you are a large organization relying heavily on Salesforce applications, then the Salesforce CRM is the perfect solution for you. By linking it through third-party applications, you can conveniently share information, manage accounts, analyze sales history, and even generate transactions through the CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires third-party connectors like Zapier to integrate with QuickBooks, it is a feature-rich CRM that can help to unlock the growth potential of your company.


You will love this CRM if you are looking for a QuickBooks-compatible CRM with an easy invoicing process and features advanced time-tracking.
If you are looking for more information about tools and applications that can unlock the potential of your business, feel free to contact us.

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