Reputation Score

Everything You Need to Know About Reputation Score

A reputation score helps you understand your brand’s or individual online image. If you are not conversant with the reputation score, this article will guide you through things you should know about it.

What is a Reputation Score?

What is a Reputation Score
Your reputation score is the significance of your online footsteps. This significance depends on various factors, including neutral, negative, and positive personal data that appear on Google search pages and their ranking when people search your name online.
Your reputation profile signifies what people think about you or your business online. The digital footprint can influence various elements of your life, such as your job history. It also determines whether or not potential employers hire you for the jobs you apply for. Remember, social media platforms play a critical role in your reputation score in today’s digital world.

What is the Impact of Your Online Reputation Score?

People are continually searching for your brand and gauging your reputation based on content from search engine results. In this case, the image you display could make or break your business. What if my reputation is good?
People will see things or reviews that mirror a positive impression, develop trust, and pave the way for a personal development journey. If you have a poor online reputation score, people searching you online will encounter things that could harm your brand’s reputation. A bad reputation hinders your ability to create meaningful relationships, develop connections, and influence people.

Who is Searching Your Personal Information Online?

People from across the world search for your brand online daily. These include:

  • Employers
  • Hiring managers
  • College admissions
  • Potential customers
  • Job prospects
  • Relatives and friends

Who Develops Your Reputation Score?

Who Develops Your Reputation Score
Various companies check your personal reputation score based on the size and quality of your digital presence. Every site uses its unique method and reputation score scale to determine your online reputation and utilize its findings to establish a value depicting your online image.
One of the popular reputation companies is MyLife. The company collects components of your online presence and gauges your MyLife reputation score on a scale of 0ne to five, with one indicating poor while five representing excellent. However, information from the department of justice in the U.S. says that MyLife is a scam site that has made various unconfirmed reports.
Recently, the U.S. agency filed a lawsuit supporting the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), accusing MyLife of publishing false information. The website and its CEO Jeffrey Tinsley are embroiled in legal issues, including a scheduled class-action accusation aimed at representing a group of consumers.

What Forms a Personal Reputation Score?

Your reputation score depends on other people’s perceptions of you. Reputation companies evaluate the quality and frequency of your ratings and reviews compared to those of other brands or people in your industry.
A high reputation score indicates that many people have positive thoughts about your brand. Reputation companies use various methods to calculate your score. However, many of them use data collection, including mentions of your brand, the quality of the mentions, and the level of engagement each search ranking generates.
A comprehensive online personal management evaluation seeks to identify all mentions of your brand in search results. It then examines the listings extensively to establish the impact of each outcome on your online footprint. Once each item has been confirmed and evaluated, your personalized internet reputation analysis generates the final reputation score indicating the general quality condition of your online image.

Understanding a Good Reputation Score

An excellent reputation score depends on the company you hire to assess your online image or your brand. For instance, a 4.3 score on could be a modest reputation score, while 600 could depict a proper image for your business on a different reputation website. A high reputation score shows a clear and consistent online presence on the first two or three pages on the first page of search engines. Consistent information and positive and authentic SERP rankings indicate your leading features when internet users search your information online.

Understanding a Bad Reputation Score

A bad reputation score varies based on the company conducting the analysis process. A score of one or two could indicate a poor reputation score on different sites like MyLife, while a score between 0-30 may indicate a poor reputation on other websites. A bad reputation score suggests the presence of negative things on Google search, such as negative articles and comments dominating your online presence and harming your reputation.

What is a Good Reputation Score on MyLife?

An excellent reputation score on MyLife ranges between 0-5. Scoring 5 pushes your brand to the top pages on the first pages of search engines.

How MyLife Reputation Score Works?

How MyLife Reputation Score Works
MyLife crawls social media platforms and public records websites on the internet using search terms that constitute your digital footsteps. After collecting all the available information about your location, age, court records, work history, contact details, and address history, the website uses the data to compile a comprehensive background report.
Elements from the information are then incorporated into the website’s proprietary algorithm. The algorithm comes in handy to determine your estimated MyLife reputation score. According to MyLife, they need a wide range of information to calculate your reputation score. These include:

  • Social media websites
  • Criminal records for crimes such as credit card theft
  • Current address
  • Education
  • Phone numbers
  • Property records

MyLife also permits people to search for anybody in the U.S., read, and review their automatically generated public page.

What is a Bad Reputation Score on MyLife?

A bad reputation score occurs when unfavorable information is detected online through online reviews, social media mentions, and public records. The more unfavorable information about you, the poor your reputation score will be. The report doesn’t have to be authentic to influence your reputation score negatively. Existing on the internet is enough to damage your reputation.

How do you Improve a Low Reputation Score on MyLife?

To boost your score on your online reputation, you need to build value and standing on your online presence. Increasing your positive reviews will boost your reputation score because search engines will list them first.
Whether for personal or business reasons, everything you post online is an honest reflection of your person. Your online engagements build a digital footprint that is easily accessible through a simple Google search. Your online reputation is quantitative, and various factors are critical when improving it, as we shall learn below.

· Determining Your Online Reputation Score

A reputation score adds a quantitative value to your general online presence. It is established upon core factors that influence the weaknesses and strengths of your brand. Figuring your reputation score online can be a daunting task because it’s not based on your perception of yourself or your brand. It depends on what other people establish of you via search. To improve your reputation, you must understand its components.

· What to Consider when Determining Your Reputation Score

  • Online forums
  • Social media
  • Online reviews
  • Online content
  • Videos and images
  • Search links and results

These factors help you develop trust in your brand and boost your recognized value. Over time, your desired search terms and brand will start ranking higher.

What Happens when has My Information?

MyLife has My Information
According to, their reputation scores are based on personal reviews, background checks, and social media posts. The information, they say, is updated constantly. People with identity theft fears can have their data deleted from the website by requesting an opt-out through claims to have over 300 million public pages with info about nearly everybody in America. The site mentions that it collects data from public sources to build biographical reports that comprise personal data like date of birth, address, sex offender, and criminal history. They then use this data to generate a reputation score ranging between 0 and 5.

· Legal Issues

As of June 2019, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission admitted having received approximately 30,000 consumer complaints. The BBB received 6,800 among them within 11 months between 2018 and 2019.
BBB said it investigated INC’s business practices following massive complaints from consumers claiming they had requested the removal of personal data from Still, their requests are declined, or they are asked to pay for the service. According to Steve McFarland, CEO, and president of BBB or Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, consumers said the site uses scare strategies to acquire paid subscribers.
If you are not happy with your information on, you can remove your profile by contacting MyLife’s customer support team at 888.704.1900. They operate on Monday to Friday from 6 am to 7 pm PST and Saturday to Sunday from 6 am to 5 pm PST.

What is the Importance of an Online Reputation Management Regarding the Reputation Score

Online reputation management (ORM) combines public relations, SEO, and marketing strategies to protect and boost your online image. Today, many individuals and businesses leverage ORM to identify and monitor the reputation of another party.

· Importance of Online Reputation Management for Businesses

Online reputation management is critical because it enables businesses to regularly keep a tab on their reputation. Online content shifts continuously, and as a result, how consumers perceive your brand could also take a drastic turn.
Businesses should determine what people are saying about them online and select how they can change a negative perception. Research shows that over 40% of digital marketers scan their organization’s brand hourly, while others do so every day. By monitoring their online reputation regularly, organizations can avoid the loss of a significant percentage of new business sales and leads. Further, businesses that seek to salvage their brand reputation should invest in online reputation management.

Advantages of Adopting Online Reputation Management Software

· It Increases sales

Organizations with an excellent online reputation usually attract more customers than those with numerous negative reviews. As a result, every business must strive to increase their positive online reviews.

· Helps Companies Build an Online Brand Image

Negative information about brands can ruin consumer loyalty. However, a solid online reputation management strategy can help businesses develop their brand image.

· Boosts Visibility

Online visibility via content-rich and properly designed company blogs and websites is crucial. These online avenues are incorporated into social media platforms to market the brand. Still, companies need an effective management strategy to cope with daily user activities. ORM software is a great solution that enables businesses to manage regular user practices.

Adopt Effective Online Reputation Management Systems to Protect Your Brand Image

Reputation Management
Businesses can adopt an online reputation management system that best matches their needs. Remember, reputation management is a constant process. Companies must be consistent as long as their businesses are operational. Here are tips to help you choose the best ORM system.

· Research and Audit

Research plays a vital role in choosing an effective ORM system. This phase involves using the internet to detect conversations about your brand. Determine different types of discussions because every feedback helps you understand people’s perceptions and how you can improve your reputation. Using a reliable reputation management tool enables you to navigate different websites and platforms easily.

· Set up a Management Strategy

Knowing the general perception of your brand helps you determine where you should focus on to improve it. For example, if your research establishes a negative reputation about your brand, consider adopting robust strategies to improve the consumer experience. In this case, you need to adopt a consistent management strategy. Regardless of your current brand reputation, you should strive to:

  • Identify the right team to monitor online conversations round the clock
  • Master the art of identifying comments that need immediate action
  • Develop a tone guide that you will use while responding to consumers and stick by it

· Rely on Reviews, Feedback, and Comments to take the Ideal Action

Knowing how consumers perceive your brand is crucial to improving your operations. Your brand needs to determine where the business requires more attention, consumer pain points, and criticisms. Positive comments help you determine what your business is doing well.


Online reputation management is a continuous process that individuals and businesses need to keep their reputation in check. Are you looking for reasons to choose an ORM? Use this article as a guide to help you improve your reputation in the marketplace and attract more customers.

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