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Google Low Reviews

Local SEO for spa owners

Here’s the Skinny As service providers ourselves, we place the highest of priority on providing excellent value. To kick off our services and this news letter, we’re giving you a review of a Local Reputation whitepaper provided by inbound marketing specialists … Read More


How to improve online reviews

Don’t eat that cookie – or else! Did you ever make a New Year’s resolution that you couldn’t keep? Well – I have, and it didn’t matter how small but usually by mid February my resolution had fallen off the … Read More

Value of online reputation

How you can place value on a review. It’s Friday, and I’m going to kick off the weekend with a pledge to write at least one weekly tip on how you can better manage, improve or work on building your online … Read More

How to SEO for Spas

Do you struggle with SEO? Well, here’s a simple trick that we use with great success. Write short and easy articles targeting random words or phrases for your local market. Did you ever search for something random and but specific for … Read More

Build a 5 star reputation

Build a 5 star reputation

How to build a 5 star reputation. We’ve been live running our service now for 2 months. It’s not a long time, but the results are starting to come in, and they speak for themselves. Our service IS helping your … Read More


Stop Bad Reviews

How to create a customer experience revolution. Imagine if you had the power to stop all bad reviews, well, at least 98% of them? Would you do whatever was possible to do this? Well, here’s how it could work. Each customer that … Read More