Build a 5 star reputation

Build a 5 star reputation

How to build a 5 star reputation.

We’ve been live running our service now for 2 months. It’s not a long time, but the results are starting to come in, and they speak for themselves. Our service IS helping your customers write reviews more easily, and helping to improve your online reputation. Here’s a video testimonial we made for one client after he saw his first reviews come in only after 2 weeks of using.
We have also teamed up with a local marketing guru who had this to say.
” One of my companies does local marketing for clients around the US and we have proudly generated over 25,000 calls for our clients.
But, the missing element in our marketing over the last 2 years has been the ability to generate REAL reviews (not fake ones) for our clients.
We have tried to give them postcards, handouts, emails to send out. You name it. The results were a joke. My partner and I have literally looked everywhere for a system that does what this system does.
Once I heard about this product, I chased down the founder, Geordie and told him I had to have this for my clients in 75+ markets, even though he was still in testing/development. If you own a local business, this is where marketing is heading…reviews and social proof. And shocker, this is actually affordable!”
Jeff Wilson
Get The Phone Ringing
Pro Marketer, Publisher, Author
Wow – It doesn’t get better than that.
Now, has it all been easy? No!
Is every client converting and going on to write reviews? No!
Are we learning by listening to what you, and your clients are saying? Yes!
We are learning that you need to make the process as easy as possible, or people will not leave reviews. When I say easy, I mean even a single click could be enough to lose a review. So we are listening, and we are learning, but one of our clients is getting as much as 30% of her clients to leave reviews online. She started as last in her market on TripAdvisor and is now slowly moving through the ranks to her goal of the #1 spot. How much do you think that will do for her business? Well, we will be sure to give an update when we reach that goal.
How about you? Do you have some goals that you want to strive for? Tell us, and if you respond to this email as a new client, we will give you a free month of service right away, backed with your guaranteed satisfaction.

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