How to SEO for Spas

Do you struggle with SEO?

Well, here’s a simple trick that we use with great success. Write short and easy articles targeting random words or phrases for your local market.
Did you ever search for something random and but specific for your local area? Chances are if you did, you weren’t really given great information. While many of our online reputation customers keep blogs, a majority write about high level and competitive keywords like – Great Shampoos, Skin Cream, Face lotion, How to do a home facial, etc. If you’re a business located in Chicago, why would you want to write about something targeted to the entire US market? Your client is located within a 50 mile radius of Chicago, so write about something that will get you that type of customer.
An easy strategy to target your audience is to write for arbitrary or random search terms having to do with your capturing your local customer. Using the example above, you might write about “Great hair accessories in Chicago”, hair sprays and wind, best mothers day massage in Chicago, I hope you get the point.
It helps if you know the competition for a specific search phrase before you write about it. There are two basic ways to do this.
1) Go to Goolge, and type in the keyword or phrase, and check out the results to see the quality. Are there a lot of high level sites (New York Times article, Wiki article, other trusted sites) that cover this phrase? If so, don’t bother.
2) Go to Google Keyword tracker and check the competition and number of search terms (look in the local column for Local Search). To do this >> Login to Google, Click Accounts > Products > Ad Words > Tools And Analysis > Keyword Tool.
If you can’t figure out how to login or find Keyword tool, write me at and I’ll send you further instructions or call and guide you through. (Bold, but I bet my phone stays pretty quiet – so I’m not overly concerned).
To illustrate why this is an extremely effective strategy to bring people to your website we can say that 70% of the traffic we get to several of our big websites is from these random phrases. This is because they have hardly any competition, and the competition that you do have, are likely not trying to sell the product that you are selling. I gave up paying someone to do my SEO 5  years ago, and I continue to receive traffic using this approach.
So – go ahead and try it. You don’t need to be an SEO wizard to rank highly for these non competitive search terms, just focus on a single word or phrase and use this in your Title, and as the name of the file or post. Example – (don’t try to go here, this link doesn’t exist). That is all you would need to know for SEO.
If you found this helpful, or you’d like to know more about how to use this strategy for your website, just holler or email us at
PS: Some of the ideas for this post were taken from mentor-at-a-distance Patrick McKenzie at
PPS: As always, if you want a FREE Reputation Intelligence Report to know about the status of your reputation, just let us know and we’ll get to work creating one.

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