Ruben Gamez Saas Bootstrapper

Boot strapping wisdom with SaaS entrepreneur Ruben Gamez

Originally a software developer, Ruben bootstrapped Bidsketch while working full time and was quickly able to grow it into a profitable business. He spent several years working for a billion dollar payroll company. There he helped build and manage a custom proposal system that was used to regularly win seven and eight figure deals.
We talk about how he came up with the idea for Bidsketch, validated that idea, and started the company while still working his full time job. It’s never easy replacing a full time income with a side project but Ruben talks through how he quit his job, the steps he took, and the lifestyle he achieved.
We talk about giving back. Taking the time to help people and why it’s important to Ruben. (even if people take advantage of it)
The mindset behind hiring employees. How not to fall into the trap of just managing people but creating your own philosophies for your own company. Also, the importance of having the right business model for your work life. It felt like I was on vacation for awhile… It took a little while for it to hit me that I wasn’t going back to work.

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Ruben on Twitter
Kalzumeus Blog
Rob Walling Blog

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