John Lee Dumas Building Communities

Finding your strengths to build communities w/ John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas generated over $270,000 in the last month from his business Entrepreneur on Fire. We chat about what he get’s excited about working on and how he discovered those projects.
He gives some fantastic advice on what to do when people give you feedback, thanking you for what you’re creating. Here it is – Respond with a thank you and always end with this question. “What are you struggling with right now?”.
As soon as I got off the interview with John, I received some feedback from a listener of this show. Guess how I responded? Yes, you guessed it, and the reader responded back to me very quickly with an item that they’re struggling with. Just during the short week of when I interviewed John, and the time of publishing this post, I’ve asked this question 3 times, and the response rate is 100%, with a detailed response. I’ve also asked my sales team to ask our clients this as well, so we can make sure that we’re covering their problems with our software, and perhaps finding solutions that fall outside of what we do as well.
We talk through John Lee Dumas’s team and systems to keep all aspects of his business running smoothly. Why these are so critically important for John and how much time he spends working on those.
If you’re thinking of starting you own podcast or blog John suggests building communities in incredibly niche markets. We do a live breakdown of how to figure out your niche and build a community. You’ll have to listen to entire show to get the goods, but John breaks it down in very simple terms.
John’s Call to Action is to read the two books below. Go out and them today if you’re struggling with where to go.
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
The Compound affect by Darren Hardy

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