Billy Murphy

Lessons Learned From Professional Poker To Running A Passion Based Business w/ Billy Murphy

You probably have heard of Bill Murphy from his popular podcast and blog Forever Jobless.
But we go back to the beginning of  Billy’s career and start with poker.
He started out playing poker just for pennies. He improved throughout college to the point of when he graduated college he played full time.
The crazy thing is he made 0 dollars in his first month. The second month he hired a coach to give him feedback on the hands he had problems with and was able to pull down over $17,000. It was easily the best job he could have and really looks back on it as a great experience. (How could you not when you make $43,000 in a month.)
It was truly what he loved and he was excited to play and learn every day.
From that he started a poker training and media company. He saw there were people offering some products, but still found an opportunity to put a unique spin on it.
We talk through expected value and how Billy views risk in life. (and how that’s holding people back from the largest success)
Billy went into buying businesses and increasing revenues for 20-40x return. We go through his attitude toward failure and why the more experience it the more growth you’ll have.
We talk about Billy’s passion – helping people build and start businesses. That’s what forever jobless is all about. One of the interesting points Bill made is that you can’t always follow your passion, because sometimes there’s no money in passion. I think about my own examples of living. I’m a software as a service provider, is this really my passion? My passion is family and living life to its fullest, the work that I bring through WaveReview and this podcast help me achieve that life, and it’s an important distinction that Bill makes about having the right mix between passion and how you make money to live your life. I enjoyed speaking with Bill, and I am glad that he pointed this out. I’m going to go on the hunt for other guests that bring a good mix of passion, life and business, and how they can help other Passion Project listeners implement these elemets into their journey, to find a more fulfilling business journey, and life.
As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this show, or any post. Leave us a comment, I will reply.

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