Seth Godin - How to turn your work into art

How to turn your work into art with Seth Godin

I had an inspirational conversation yesterday with Seth Godin. He told me some things, and one of them stuck…
Write until you are not afraid.
In thinking about why I stopped writing, it seemed to come about the time I went to a large conference in Colorado Springs in June. I may have met you there. While I was at this conference, I felt overloaded by questions, and pleas for help. I wasn’t equipped to handle so many questions. I questioned why I would want to continue to fuel this new line of enquiries when I was already over extended with my current projects.
The truth is I was afraid.
I was afraid of the unknown. I was afraid to be responsible for people changing the direction of their lives, because of what I was saying. What if things didn’t turn out? Wouldn’t it be my fault? What if I couldn’t answer so many questions? Of course, this was taking away from my hours to make revenues, revenues I needed to support my family and myself.
Then Seth told me something that I can’t shake, one of many things actually.
If you’re someone who generally cares, and someone that’s authentically generous, you’ll be taken care of (this is how I took it at least).
To me, nothing is more noble than being generous. It’s what I strive to be, so I want to be generous to the point of taking risks and taking from my time to create revenues.
I’m back writing, and I am back to giving as much as I possibly can. I’m also on a quest to find my true calling. I don’t know what that quest is yet, but I know it’s out there the Passion Project Podcast, and this interview with Seth makes me want to cause a ruckus. What’s the sound of causing a ruckus? I’m not sure, but it sounds like fun.
In the interview we talk about how Seth comes up with the right things to work on. How to figure out what to work on next (for creative people)
Instead of being distracted are you really afraid? The fear is the problem – not the distraction. We all know when we’re afraid even if we don’t admit it. Seth tries to be very disciplined in the moments he’s afraid. That is the resistance telling you, you are onto something. We can fight it or we can understand it’s a clue, telling us we’re doing something good.
The 2 habits Seth does and suggests for everyone to remain disciplined.
#1 – Write everyday. No one has writers block… We have fear.
#2 – No napping. The activity that doesn’t move the ball forward. You’re hiding.
Going to work means showing up. You have to have rules. It’s ridiculous you have to be in the mood. You have to be committed to do creative work.

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  1. Sathyanand S

    “Write until you are not afraid.” Great words. Thanks for reiterating the need to ‘show up’. I have been the following this simple practice of writing everyday and has resulted now resulted in me starting a new blogsite, building up content for my blog and entertaining a growing set of audience (
    You should also check out the concept of ‘Free Writing’ as told by Mark Levy. Interesting way to help one write and keep on writing.

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