Dane Maxwell Business Mindset

What does mindset mean for your business? – w/ Dane Maxwell

This episode is all about mindset. Dane is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 22 businesses in the past 8 years
Going through college he read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad; changing from the employee mindset to wanting to be an entrepreneur. He started 22 different businesses in the past 8 years. 17 of those failed. The ones that failed where his ideas. The ones that succeeded were from customers. Dane is a big fan of letting customers direct his vision in his businesses

  • Dane runs a software teaching course called the foundation. (building successful entrepreneurs)
  • Dane talks about how he helps students get over limiting actions and creating entrepreneurs in 6 months.
  • If you need help going through limiting beliefs on your own check out thework.com.
  • Dane high suggests understanding who you are and what it means for you.

Two resources Dane mentions and suggests – enneagram and wealth dynamics test.

“Your best ideas come from being in a state of flow”

Every entrepreneur or business owner goes through mindset issues.

Links Mentioned:

thefoundation.com – training course Dane runs
thework.com – limiting belief framework
enneagram – personality types
wdprofiletest.com – wealth dynamics test
Take aways from this episode.
I actually have taken the enneagram course, and I found it immensely helpful. The reason I found it so helpful was that it explained to me many of the reasons I was so interested in certain tasks, but despised others. I’m the investigator, I love learning. I’m also the achiever, no surprises with either of these, but then looking back on my life it all made so much sense.
After this episode, I also went out and took the Wealth Dynamics test. I profiled out as the creator, again, no surprises with that since I feel like I’m happiest when I’m being an entrepreneur and creating things. The interesting thing about this is that I am not good at the last 10% of a project. The detail stuff. Hire that part out.
What’s your Wealth Profile Dynamic?
Will you take the test? It’ll only take 15 minutes, and cost $100 but it could change your life. Isn’t that worth it?
How can you take what you now know about your personality, and use that to your advantage to follow your passion, your dreams and be the best you can be, and love doing it.

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