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Making work fit your lifestyle – w/ Mike Tecku

Mike Tecku’s story starts with him pursuing his passion and dream of being a full time musician. Living on food stamps. Making no more than $8,000 in one year.
He gave himself 2 years. But the end result wasn’t the lifestyle he really wanted. He defined the lifestyle and parameters he wanted…
Then he found the jobs he could do that worked around his schedule. He worked the hours he wanted to work. (real estate, Wedding DJ, modeling, catering) He developed a lot of different skills while working in all these different areas. Skills that helped him to succeed with his next business.
mike tecku entrepreneur story
While working these jobs Mike and his best friend started a Photo Booth company. (He had to sell his music equipment to purchase the materials needed build the photo booths.) They started doing it themselves and then went on to help others start their own photo booth companies. In just two years they’ve helped over 350 people start Photo Booth businesses in their cities and communities.
We also talk about what he discovered when he was taking a 2 month motorcycle trip through Mexico. And how that shaped the growth of the company into the next growth model.

The greatest journeys starts with…
“Someone starts with their greatest problem or ambition and solves it.”
(The next task is helping people just like them take the same journey.)

Spend as much time pursuing growth and happiness so you can maintain motivation to keep growing. If you keep doing things you’re excited about you remember the reason you started your journey.
You need to find what you’re good at and focus on doing only that. Mike has effectively outsources the parts of his business he doesn’t and enjoy and other people can do better.
If you’re looking for what you’re passionate about. Mike suggests asking yourself…
* How can I make myself a better person
* How can I make my life better

Links Mentioned

sappb.com – Photo Booth website

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