Rob Scott finding your why

Finding your why w/ Rob Scott

Rob has been sought out as a Mindset Expert and Master Coach for industry and government leaders the world over. (you might recognize one of those, Eben Pagan)
He had a dysfunctional upbringing that led him to addictions and constantly pushing the limits… Until he had a shift that brought him out of that mindset.
He quickly rose up the corporate ladder and became the youngest vice president at the company he was working at. Along the way he realized that those around him were coming to him for advice, and benefiting from the coaching he was giving. He struck out on his own 7-8 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.
We talk about finding your why and how to go about doing that.  (Rob is an expert at helping people discover this)
Also, what’s coaching all about.

  • Why should you get a coach.
  • When you should get a coach.
  • What kind of coach should you look for.

Rob also creates training programs for entrepreneurs and other world changers that help them “breakthrough” and become incredibly effective, wealthy and deeply fulfilled.
His flagship product is called “The Core,” and you can find out more about how Rob hacks the human brain at

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