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How to do what you love, and create a massive following around it w/Jason M Peterson

This truly is a passion project for Jason.
Jason is the Chief Creative Officer of Havas Worldwide based out of Chicago IL.
He got into social media because he loves culture and wanted to prove to his clients that he knew what he was doing and could help them build a successful social presence. Although he’s not a photographer he’s built a following over 250,000 followers on Instagram with amazing photos – Check it out here
We chat about how to effectively market to your audience with social media and staying true to your brand.
If you’re wondering what Jason uses to edit his photos, it’s just on his iPhone using snapseed and filter storm to edit his images.
We chat through how Jason relaunched an amazing social media channel for Dos Equis.
Using multiple channels and a new strategy to truly create something that attracts people.
Jason believes you should create a persona. Decide what channel you want that persona to be on and stick to it.

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