Katy Lynch Social Media ROI

How do you measure ROI with Social Media, w/ Social Katy Lynch

Born in Scotland, Katy Lynch was the President and Founder of SocialKaty, Inc, Chicago’s largest social media marketing agency. Founded in 2010, SocialKaty exploded, offering a rich set of services to a diverse portfolio of over 60 full-time clients, including AAA, Spartan Race, Beanie Babies, O-Cedar, ServiceMaster, and Firestone Tires.
She got into social media marketing because she loves people and loves getting to meet new people. It’s absolutely her passion project and would be doing it even if the object wasn’t money.
We talk about why she went through a recent merger in July of 2014, Katy excitedly announced the merge between SocialKaty, Inc and Manifest Digital, a Chicago-based experience design agency. This combination created one of the largest social and content marketing teams in the U.S.
We talk about how she defines “social media marketing” and what channels make sense with what type of business. Also, some of the first questions to ask when starting social media ago make sure it has a positive impact for your business.
Achieving ROI is difficult, but Katy talks about how she helps businesses measure this:

  • – Basic social actions
  • – Third part application to collect email address
  • – Increased website traffic
  • – Sales


Links Mentioned

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hubspot resources
Sprout Social

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