Finding your voice w/ G. Love

G. Love is a world renowned musician known for his unique combination of blues and hip hop which he’s been playing with his band for over 20 years now. We’re going to dive into his story, learning about his origins and where the path is taking him today.

“the best thing you can do is be original.”

There is always someone who can play guitar or sing, so you have to find that niche that you fall into. Although it doesn’t happen overnight eventually you have to find who you are and be authentic to your sound. I love the crossover between this in music but also business and being true yourself and finding your own voice and niche.
Did you know G Love was a major influence on Jack Johnson? Check them out playing Radio Clown live, the song that launched Jack on his path to huge success.

If you want to hear about Woodstock G. Love shares how he approaches performing and exactly how that show in front of 150,000 people went down… Don’t worry. He’ll share it.
We wrap up with a great story about how G. Love helped Jack Johnson get his start.
Life is too short not to follow your passion

Links / Resources:

Check out G. Love’s website http://philadelphonic.com/
Make sure to follow G. Love on Twitter https://twitter.com/glove

About G. Love:

G. Love & Special Sauce has been playing their unique blend of music since 1992. Their latest album Sugar was released in January of 2014.
“The goal for the album was to make it really raw and immediate, with live takes and live vocals and everybody playing so that it all comes together in that intangible way,” says G. Love. “That’s what our music is all about.”

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