Talking Sex, the True Mind and following your dreams with Mixergy Founder Andrew Warner

This is truly a fantastic conversation with Andrew Warner, you can tell he’s truly a passionate guy about business and living a better life.
We talk about how passion and following your True Mind can lead to greater happiness and also greater success. Andrew explains how the Counter Mind can be a false voice that we often except as truth when we should be countering that with the True Mind. It’s really something every entrepreneur goes through, but not everyone acknowledges it and tries to make a change.
Although it might sound a little unreal to some, this is a honest conversation that is really applicable to your life and business.
Andrew shares how meditation can help with so much more than just clearing your mind. How you can better focus on your goal and a really simple process to keep. We also talk about how to let your thoughts out so when you go to meditate you can get rid of some of those thoughts that flood into your mind. Andrew and I talk through this for my business as an example and gives me some great advice on how to get started meditating.
We also talk briefly about how to be a better interviewer. It comes down to curiosity. And even being more open and honest.

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Get in touch with Andrew = andrew [at] mixergy
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About Andrew Warner

Andrew got his start with Bradford & Reed, an online greeting card company that he founded with his brother. After doing over 30 million in sales they sold the business.
That led him to found Mixergy, today Mixergy is a place where successful people teach ambitious upstarts. He’s also recently founded – True Mind, a site helping people stay clear and better focused.

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