NYC Spa Reviews

NYC Spa Reviews

In terms of NYC spa reviews, it is safe to say that there are lots of options to choose from. The local scenery is filled with everything from regular spas to high-class hotel spas that can satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes. Since there is a wide variety of spas to choose from, prices also vary quite a lot depending on the reputation of the place, the benefits and features of each location, the staff’s experience, etc. Whether you need a medical or a day spa, know that prices normally start at about $89 for a 55 minute massage at a decent place, but they can skyrocket up to $225 in a more luxurious place. The hundreds of options available make it difficult to make a choice, so we have decided to tell you about the top 3 places that provide the perfect balance between price and the quality of the services provided.
Anasa Day Spa
It’s an excellent choice for those looking to combine soft music and the right light to set up the mood for relaxation. Refreshing the skin on your face has never been this pleasant. With some exfoliating, applying delicious-smelling essential oils and then using some repairing serum, every woman can feel the refreshing skin which not only looks, but also feels cleaner and healthier.
Metamorphosis Spa
There is nothing to do but prepare to be spoiled in this relaxing spa located on 127 E 56th St between Park and Lexington Aves. The beauty of the place is that aside from being pampered, you can get lots of discounts and benefit from many monthly deals that will help you save money while enjoying a nice facial. Browsing through the NYC spa reviews available, we have come across the most impressive opinions. Past customers speak of the essential oils used in the treatment and how the body simply melts under the hands of the talented masseuses.  It is incredible how after one day at the spa, women have claimed feeling as if they had just returned from vacation.
Soho Sanctuary
One the third floor at 119 Mercer St., between Prince and Spring Sts, Soho Sanctuary awaits with all the possible facial spoiling treatments that a women could dare to dream of. Imagine facing a hard winter where the stiff wind dries the skin, making it crave for moisture. A combination of cleansing milk, cream, moisturizing oils and a natural product line applies on a woman’s gentle skin – these are all elements that a Soho treatment has in store for you. It is everything you need when you feel at battle with your own skin. Massage therapy, body treatments and even pre/post natal beauty services, all available in a single place.
What’s your experience in terms of NYC spas? Any NYC spa reviews are helpful to all those looking for a place to spoil themselves. Are there are places you’ve experimented and feel like there is something to share with the other? Drop us a line, whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly and tell us what other spas in NYC are worth visiting (or avoiding).

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