How To Get Walk-In Emails

The question of how to get walk-in emails is something that puzzles all those looking to market to their potential customers. Knowing a  little bit about the promotion techniques used in marketing  could shed some light on the situation, but what are the ones who are not marketing-savvy to do? There are a couple of methods that could answer the how to get walk-in emails questions.

  1. Sampling campaigns – when you are selling a product or a service, you can use sampling campaigns to get people in your target market to try them out for free. Of course, with products, the process is whole lot easier. As you were shopping, you must have been invited at least one to have a glass of the newest wine on the market. Or maybe you were given a free chocolate bar or a bag of chips. Giving out these new products for testing is not only an excellent way to let people test your product, but it’s also useful when looking to collect some information on the customer. You can give out free products in exchange for that person’s contact info, like the phone number or email address. With services, things are a bit more complicated. While it’s simple to offer a free makeup as a marketing campaign for a new saloon and then gather the emails you need, it’s more difficult when you’re an internet service provider or a cleaning company. In such a case, giving out coupon codes is advised.
  2. Prize drawings – as clients walk into a convenience store, buying your product could give them a participation coupon that they could fill in with their personal information in order to allow them to participate at a raffle. Raffles are a common way for marketers to gather contact information of the people they later want to market. The advantage of a raffle is that a participation coupon could require more information than just the email address. This way, you gain several other channels to future market your products and services.
  3. Contests – unlike a raffle, the people who take part in a contest need to actually prove a certain skill before they can win a prize. For example, if the promotion is for the Gillette brand that is known for sustaining sports, the participant could be asked to mark a goal in a special setup in the hypermarket or the parking lot or whatever store the promotion takes place in.

The important thing is to remember that all the methods presented above can get you access to the email address of people belonging to your target market.
These marketing techniques are not the only ones that could help you build a solid and consistent database with emails of clients you can later advertise to. If you know other techniques that could help everyone figure out how to get walk-in emails, the comments section below is eager to be filled with your ideas and feedback. Remember that the worst idea is the one you never share with the others.

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