How To Respond To A Negative Review On Yelp

Learning how to respond to a negative review on Yelp is a good way to boost the positive image of your company. Having a powerful online presence is more than having just a decent website. You need to combine some SEO tactics with providing interesting content for your customers. There is always the element of sites linking naturally back to your own. These are more or less tactics that many online articles and SEO experts will teach you if you want to strengthen your online presence. But what some experts won’t teach you is that improving online reputation can be done by performing a Google search once in a while and looking for the negative reviews that target your business. Giving positive answers and offering a pleasant perspective/solution to a negative situation can only do your business good.
As you already may know, Yelp is a very popular business portal where your customers can state their opinion on products and services of companies activating in various industries. If you want to know how to respond to a negative review on Yelp it is important to first understand that all the major companies in the world make a big deal out of answering all of their customer’s emails as a process of client satisfaction. This process will help you build a better relationship with unsatisfied customers.
With Yelp, you can either choose to respond to review publicly or privately.
If possible, try to make all answers public because it gives people a sense of honesty and transparency. It shows that you have valid arguments for fixing that negative review. Should you choose to contact the user privately, your intentions could be misunderstood, as if you were trying to fix or hide some kind of scam or fraud and the customer may interpret your intentions in a negative manner.
Whenever you contact a client on Yelp to respond to a negative review, remember that you are dealing with a paying customer. If that person trusted you enough to take money out of his pocket and pay you for your products, than he deserves the right to a reply on your behalf.
If you know a little bit about NLP and persuasion techniques, you can get in touch with the emotional side of the person who wrote the review. You can discover their pain points and address them specifically. Try to be as objective as you can when giving out answers and make sure that you use an appropriate tone and language in your message. In needs to state that you have a relaxed attitude towards that problem, but also show that you care enough about that person’s investment in order to make a change.
Always remember that feedback is always welcome and it isn’t necessarily positive all the time. Be prepared to accept criticism as part of your business development.
Got any more insights on how to respond to a negative review on Yelp? Feel free to use the comments section and tell us your opinion on the matter.

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