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How does an expert approach paid search w/ Rob Warner

Rob started life as an accountant. Numbers was his world. He soon realized there was more to life than working.
He started buying ads for software company he was a part of. Then others started to ask him for help with their campaigns. Soon he was doing it full time.
He learned by testing on a really small scale. Bought courses and tried to get as much info as possible. Still to this day he gets every course he can get his hands on. Trying to improve and find better ideas; if possible. Now he employs a staff of 8 and they’re continuing to grow quickly.

3 Components to Paid Search

– Extremely technical. Operating the campaign and making sure everything is operating smoothly.
– Good number skills. Paid search is fundamentally numbers game.
– Creative. Different approaches to test and write copy.
We also cover: Rob’s strategy and tactics for testing and creating campaigns that work and the best practices to get up to 20% CTR. (this is an unheard of rate, the average is 2-3%)
If you’re a local business owner Rob gives a step by step guide on how he helped a local book keeper create an offer that has driven business via his website. Why? Because most local business websites are simply not good enough.

When not to use Adwords.

#1 – Extremely low priced commodity items through Adwords. Example – Nike Trainers
#2 – Absolutely desperate for new business through the door tomorrow.
#3 – Really long sales cycle. (you can’t tell if it’s a positive ROI) Example – Law

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Rob’s site –
adwords keyword tool
longtail pro

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