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Building a Unique Brand on Amazon w/ Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan Moran is one of the best guys around on Amazon.
He has a unique formula for getting reviews and crushing the competition.
Ryan was an entrepreneur from the womb. Drawing pictures and going door to door to sell them. He started doing SEO and affiliate marketing while in college. Paying for college and graduating with $100,000 in the bank.
He became one of the guys that had internet marketing products. Didn’t enjoy so he shut it down and started “real businesses”.
Ryan defines that as something of unique value to the marketplace and a channel. Amazon has been the primary channel he’s focused on.
What are the differences between ranking #1 vs #5000?!?
Treating amazon truly like a channel and managing reviews like they mean everything. Solve everything before it goes to Amazon. Refund it or ship them bottles for free. Give them an incredible customer experience. Completely peer driven and from reviews.
Happy customers and high quality products.
Ryan looks for high volume and high profit margins (at least 40%)

“Amazon is not a pricing game. It’s a review game.”

You can have a higher priced product and have success.
The longer term vision you have the more successful you will be. And with this mindset you can go into something that has high competition. Go into a market first and create a brand. So you don’t just rely on 1 product.

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