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How to Find Professional Nanny Agency

Every parent loves their children and would want to give them the best care possible. However, work-related constraints and other circumstances may necessitate having a nanny, babysitter, or childcare professionals around for your kids which is why professional nanny agencies exist.
In this post, we provide expert tips for parents looking for a nanny agency to work with. You’ll learn what nanny agencies are involved in, what they can do for you, and how to find the best nanny agency in your area.

What Is A Nanny Agency?

Nanny agencies help busy parents find the perfect nanny or babysitter. They are a niche business operating in an industry that has seen rapid growth in the last few years. A typical nanny agency provides the following services:

Nanny Sourcing

The main job of a nanny agency is to find and recruit professional child caregivers so they can be matched with employers. They use internal sourcing techniques to find people who can be trusted to care for children and who meet set criteria in terms of skills, personality, and experience.
Nanny Vetting– Nanny agencies use internal resources and expertise to vet nannies before placing them with their employers. They do the necessary background checks, interviews, and document verification on behalf of busy parents.
Nanny TrainingMost nanny agencies also provide training to individuals who’ve chosen child care as a career.  Training can also be done at the request of a family looking to improve the skills of their current nanny. They usually have a team of private educators who have experience working as childcare professionals.

Nanny Placement

Nanny agencies are also primarily involved with the placement of nannies with their employers. Some nanny agencies recruit nannies or temporary babysitters as salaried employees and connect them to host parents when they come calling. Others keep a database of trained nannies and babysitters and connect them to employers when an opportunity arises.

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Nanny Agency?

Streaming the Hiring process For Nannies

Streaming the Hiring process For Nannies
Most parents, especially those living in cities, lack the resources and time to head-hunt for candidates and go through the hiring process. Nanny agencies are there to fill in these gaps by deploying their resources and expertise in the hiring process.
A good nanny agency knows where to find candidates and how to bring them on board. They’ll help you find a great nanny by assessing your needs and matching them with the best candidates. In the end, working with a nanny agency saves time and gives you peace of mind knowing you will get a good nanny.

Professional Nanny Vetting- Background checks

Nanny agencies give host families peace of mind by doing all the necessary background checks on candidates. They’ll check if a candidate has a criminal record, history of drug use, financial history, whether they are listed as child abusers or sex offenders, their driving record, etc.
Nanny agencies also help parents verify the qualifications of professional childcare professionals during the screening process.  They’ll also help nannies with their work documents such as visas, health clearance, insurance, and tax records before they are placed with a family.

They Train Your Nanny/Babysitter

Nanny agencies equip individuals with the necessary skills they need to provide the best care for children under their care.  They’ll train them on how to communicate with children and parents, how to potty train children of all ages, child psychology, job etiquette, first aid, etc. Parents can have peace of mind knowing the person taking care of their child or children knows what they are doing.

They Induct/ Place Nannies/ Baby Sitters

Nanny agencies are usually involved in the induction of nannies to host families, therefore, acting as a placement agency. They’ll handle introductions, make sure the nanny is comfortable with their host and ensure every party is satisfied before handing over. Most nanny agencies will also remain available for the entire period the nanny is working with their host family.

Managing Nannies on Your Behalf

The nanny agency is responsible for your household managers throughout the contract period. They’ll take the burden of managing your nanny’s payments, and other job-related details such as leave days, health insurance, sick days, etc. For instance, most nanny agencies provide replacement nannies or babysitters in case your current nanny becomes unavailable due to sickness or a leave of absence.

How to Find A Professional Nanny Agency

This is how parents should go about searching for a nanny agency that will help them find a career nanny who meets their family’s needs:

Find local Nanny Agencies

It’s easy to find a local nanny agency through a web search, on social media, or through a referral. Most nanny agencies prefer to narrow their target market to a specific location so they can provide localized services and are always available when needed.  It’s also advisable for parents to work with local agencies that are registered as businesses and understand the local job market.
A good example of finding a local nanny agency is by doing a web search with your location appended to the end of your search query. For example, search for “nanny agency Los Angeles”, “nanny agency San Francisco Bay area”, or “nanny agency New York” if you live in any of these cities. You will get results from nanny agencies closest to you.

Define Your Family’s Needs

Find A Professional Nanny Agency
You’ll find it easier to find the best nanny agency if you understand your needs or have a clear picture of what kind of services you are after. For example, you could be looking for a housekeeper, a newborn care specialist, or people who can double up as personal assistants. Look on the service page of the nanny agency to see if they provide these services or ask these questions in a discovery call.

Nanny Agency Selection Criteria

Here are some of the things you should look for in a nanny agency:

  • It should be a registered business
  • Should be available when needed
  • The nanny agency should have a good track record
  • They should be flexible enough to meet all your needs
  • Give you enough options so you can find that perfect nanny

Using Nanny Associations

You can also look at local nanny associations as they usually maintain a database of professional nannies which parents can access for a fee.  They can also help you with the hiring process and provide guidance or advice on pricing.
In the end, a good nanny agency meets your family’s needs, is always available when needed, and can communicate transparently and effectively. They should be able to give you peace of mind by helping you find the best nanny for your young ones.

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