How to create a social business with a purpose w/ Rob Hendrickson

Rob Hendrickson is full of amazing stories and profound realizations – all about how to live a more fulfilling life with your family, work and everything else.
Rob was a rodeo cowboy, turned ad agency owner, turned veterinary supplement company owner. (make sure to check out the documentary in the links below) He wore the hat, boots and jeans and then the black suit and range rover – but now truly feels like he’s found his purpose and passion.
We talk about being true to yourself and really how he’s building a social business that truly is PURPOSE driven. We dive into all different aspects of building a business based around this “social” aspect. The pros the cons and why you shouldn’t do it as a “marketing tactic”
Make sure to listen until the end for Rob’s call to action.
A bit more about Rob:
He grew up on a ranch in western South Dakota where his father was a veterinarian in which his work was always treated as a lifestyle. He grew up as a rodeo cowboy but he was always a bit of an outcast even though he dressed the part, boots, hat and jeans but with a journal full of notes and sketches of inventions always tucked under his arm.
Re-locating to Fort Worth, Texas he injured his knee and didn’t think he could get a ‘job’ that didn’t require some sort of physical labor. He ended up getting a graphic design job and fell in love with it working with an AD agency.
He was a partner in an agency and continued to dive headfirst throughout the 90s until selling his company and switching to an internet business. That business started to focus on things like google adwords (seo) and he started to realize it was going away from his passions.
From there he went into consulting but was consistently looking for a way in which he could apply his skills to something more tangible… Two of his clients were a couple of veterinarians who had just launched a supplement for animals. Which turned into Full Bucket.

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