How to take on the impossible w/ Travis Steffen

Travis comes from a competitive background as a professional MMA fighter and poker player. We dive back into those stories and it really brings clarity to his business strategies and perspectives on life. (taking on the impossible)
He has a fantastic track record of starting and selling businesses (already selling 5 businesses). Reason being is his true passion for building businesses and leaving an impact on the world. A true impact on how things are built. Travis has a unique look at embracing his goals / character and leaving a legacy.
You can see the discipline and choices Travis has in his life that are propelling him toward his goals.
Travis’s call to action is for a new company he is launching is a education and learning platform –

About Travis:

One part total meat head, one part total tech nerd. Travis has exited 5 companies in the last 4 years, and is currently scaling a few others.
His current main project is called UP, where users get points for sharing their favorite content online. The more their friends interact with what they share, the more points they get – and they can cash in those points for cool stuff in our store. And it’s free!
He has an obsession with productivity, progress, lean methodologies and efficiency systems.

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