Using Science and Passion to get more productivity with Dr. Isaac Jones

Dr. Isaac H. Jones is a Health Doctor and expert in Healthy Lifestyle Design.
Dr Jones is not just about biohacking and health though – but also changing your identity to maximize your potential for optimal performance.
He talks about what they’re doing to help people really dive in and figure out what is going on with your body. It’s an interesting look at health and the environmental factors that affect it.
We also hear a great story about how Tony Robbins was able to see amazing results from testing and making changes that have not only helped his health but also his business and finances.
It’s interesting to hear how living in your passion can really benefit the bottom line not only for entrepreneurs but also corporations and executives as well.
Dr Jones call to action is – Minimize inflammatory agents in your diet.
1 Grains
2 Processed Sugars
3 GMO corn products

About Dr Jones:

His passion came when he hit “rock bottom”, couldn’t focus (was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia) and was put in special needs to take tests. After riding on the drug-ridden roller coaster of the medical model he went to a health doctor that actually addressed the cause and transformed my health, and ability to focus (I started getting A’s).
He learned that most people are mortgaging their future through their lifestyle whether they know it or not and thinking that the medical parachute is going to save them when in most cases it helps them hit the ground harder.

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