Doing what you love and helping Veterans – A Special podcast with Frank Gustafson

Today we’re dedicating our episode to Voices for Vets. And today’s guest is an expert at about helping vets make the transition to civilian life, (He did it himself, coming from the Marine Corp) Frank Gustafson. This show was a real pleasure to do for a few reasons. I’m getting to help out a great cause ( – A Special Tribute To Veterans) where 45 podcasters teamed together for causes important for Veterans, and we speak to Frank Gustafson about following his passion, helping Vets. At the end of the show, Frank gives us a great exercise to work on about finding your strengths, your weaknesses (and actually crossing them off your list so you don’t have to do them),  and what you’re good at. I love this idea, and I’m going to borrow it, I may even create it as an exercise for this blog later.
The number one thing Frank emphasizes is to learn how to network and get out there and meet people. (both on and offline)
He talks about having a plan. Making the steps needed to understand who you are, what skills you can bring to a job… Or even starting your own business. Frank really understands how to help vets be successful in the transition period.
Veterans don’t need a hand out.. They just need a hand.

About Frank Gustafson:

Frank dropped out of high school and joined the Marine Corps young in life. When he got out he started his first real business at 18. Along the way he several other jobs that Frank say’s “filled my bank account but emptied my soul”.
He’s made the transition and now runs and the Lead Like a Marine podcast. Frank brings together all of his experience as an executive coach, business consultant, leadership trainer, author and certified speaker on his site and podcast.

Links / Resources:
Lead Like a Marine Podcast
Frank on Twitter

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