Music Teacher Qualities that Students Look for

Music Teacher Qualities that Students Look for

Studies suggest that students who study music have excellent processing skills, higher IQs, and perform well in math tests. To learn music, and how to play a musical instrument, students need a qualified, professional, and experienced music teacher. Here are seven critical music teacher qualities that students should look out for.


1.      They Possess a Legitimate Love for Music

The best music teacher should not only be passionate about the genres of music they specialize in. They should express love towards music in general as a form of art. Having expertise in music only is not enough to inspire students. Rather, learners will identify better with teachers who are genuinely enthusiastic about the subject.
This passion should be spread across all subjects that the music teacher handles, as opposed to the exciting lessons only. This will encourage the students to practice and be more committed to their lessons.

2.      They Possess Good Communication Skills

Music comprises of intricate ideas and explaining them clearly can be an arduous task. Good music teachers are conversant with simplifying complex subjects to make them easy to understand.
They also give students sufficient time to practice with musical instruments during practical lessons. As a music teacher, you should be a skilled and approachable listener that students can contact with difficult questions easily.

3.     They Understand the Importance of Fundamental Elements


Great music teachers know the importance of fundamental elements in terms of theory and technique.
A qualified music instructor knows that training in, and implementation of fundamental aspects such as; posture, hand position, and breathing should be upheld as the students get more conversant with their instrument.
Great music teachers also understand the importance of fundamental music theory ideas in helping children to; personalize, understand, and relate to music as they enhance their skills.
Qualified music teachers always remember the role there principal lessons play. Further, they are always ready to refer to them when the need arises regardless of the amount of progress accomplished.

4.      They Understand Student Capabilities

Different students respond differently to grasping music lessons and mastering how to play an instrument. The best music teacher understands the importance of accommodating each student depending on his individual needs.
A good teacher invests in the students fully and lets them understand that he is focused on helping them succeed. He or she discusses the struggles and achievements that come with learning a new musical instrument with the students.
A music teacher also develops practical goals for each student. The student can achieve them at a pace that meets their needs and musical capability.

5.      They are Patient

An effective music teacher should be emotionally intelligent, people-oriented, and sufficiently patient. It’s worth mentioning that different students develop their musical skills at different rates.
Some students will take longer to understand critical concepts. The best music teacher takes time to listen to students as they play their instruments. They then identify the areas the students need to improve on, and work together to achieve success.
Further, music teachers should be in a position to offer positive criticism to help students conquer challenges. The best music teacher understands the importance of repetition when it comes to mastering a musical instrument. He will be more than willing to support all students regardless of their ability levels.

6.      ​They Learn Constantly

A good music teacher understands that learning and practicing how to play musical instruments is a continuous pursuit. Not only does he teach his students, but he also identifies and seizes opportunities to enhance his own skills.
In today’s evolving music industry, new music styles are coming up every so often. The best music teacher is keen to establish new styles and seeks to learn more about it from his peers.
A great music instructor will be willing to share any new developments with his students. He also guides students towards identifying different ways to enhance their performance regardless of their proficiency level.​

7.      They Prepare Students to be Independent

The best music teacher is aware of the fact that one day they will become irrelevant in the student’s musical journey. They also understand that this is important if the student is to become self-reliant.
They work relentlessly to help the student gain the skills they need to improve their creativity and gain independence. Qualified music teachers know when students are ready to advance to the next step. They play a big role in helping them develop a robust foundation of skills that help them scale their music.

8.     They Make Lessons Fun


While learning music can be a daunting task, the experience should not be depressing. The best music teacher knows how to make music lessons exciting and fun amidst the hard work involved.
When students enjoy their music lessons, they will be more inspired to do their best to achieve success. There are various ways of making a music lesson exciting. For instance, some teachers are enthusiastic about music and this alone can make the lessons fun. A great teacher offers to collaborate with his students in playing musical instruments.
Students will be excited to participate in playing competitions in the company of their instructors. When it comes to music theory, teachers can allow students to connect with popular musicians. This will help the students learn more from the experts, and strive to be as successful as their mentors.
Organizing music lessons in a different setting can also help students have fun as well as enhance their skills.

9.      They Integrate Targets and Assignments

A great music teacher knows how to integrate student lessons with their objectives, targets, and assignments. They always ensure that students have assignments for specific practice sessions.
The best music teacher should help students prepare a record-keeping strategy such as a music lesson journal. This helps them maintain organization and comes in handy to help evaluate student progress.
A good teacher is one who helps students to practice and understand how to retain information. A good way of doing so is by having the students take comprehensive notes or record their lessons. This way, they will have something to refer to during their free time.

How to Find the Ideal Music Teacher

Finding the best music teacher is a critical step towards perfecting your music and instrument playing skills.
A music teacher shouldn’t just be a theoretical instructor. Rather, they should be able to connect with students on a personal level. This way, they help develop a trustworthy and safe environment for students to thrive. Here is how to find the best music teacher.

·         Ask Friends and Family Members

We are living in a digital world where you can find anything online with a single click. However, word of mouth remains one of the most effective methods of finding information. You seek recommendations from friends, neighbors, family members, coaches, or teachers. Getting personal recommendations from people you trust is more effective than reading online reviews from strangers.
It’s good to get at least five candidates who you can interview, evaluate their credentials, and establish their skills. This way, you can choose the best who’s best qualified to teach your child.

·         Attend Local Concerts


Many music instructors host concerts in their schools. Attend these concerts together with your child, watch, and listen to the instructors and gauge their skills.
Watch the students they teach and get a first-hand feel and experience of their school culture. Once the concert is over, establish your child’s feelings, and thoughts about the entire experience. Consider their sentiments when the time comes to interview the teachers.

·         Are they Proficient in Teaching more than one Instrument?

Many beginners don’t know the musical instrument they are interested in playing. For instance, your child may have started playing his older brother’s guitar because it was accessible. As they keep on discovering music, they could abandon the guitar for a viola.
This is a common occurrence with some of the most popular musicians today. Some of them began playing more than one instrument before finally identifying their favorite one. If your child shows interest in a specific instrument, you could begin by renting the instrument.
Next, you may want to hire a qualified music teacher capable of helping your child perfect his skills.

·         Leverage on Free Introductory Lessons

Many of the best music teachers offer free introductory music lessons to interested students. This provides an opportunity for both the student and the instructor to learn one another better. Remember, the best music teacher will also want to know their potential students before they can enroll them.
Leveraging these lessons helps students narrow down their search for the ideal instructors. Many times, these opportunities could be all the students needs to identify the right music teachers.

·         Choose a Teacher who Practices at Your Level

Different music teachers specialize in different student proficiency levels. While some work best with beginners, others work with experienced instrument players. Find the right teacher for your child.
For instance, if your child is a beginner, you want to find a music teacher who specializes in teaching beginners. As you interview potential teachers, don’t hesitate to find out what their proficiency level is.
Get a teacher who loves working with your child’s current level and increase their chances of succeeding.


Finding the best music teacher for your child helps create a supportive environment for the launch of his or her musical journey. A qualified, experienced, supportive, and knowledgeable music teacher creates the ideal foundation for the future of a student’s musical journey.

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