Best Ways to do new music school marketing

Today, there are numerous music schools in the market. If you are considering venturing into the industry, you’ll need robust strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. Having an excellent music school marketing strategy goes a long way in helping you stand out from the crowds.

The world of business is evolving and companies are leveraging technology to improve performance and productivity. As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t be left behind. What factors should you consider before starting a music school? First, you should define your target audience. This step varies depending on various factors such as; your intended students, and your instruments of choice.
With this in your fingertips, figure out the best way to reach your target audience and tell them about your brand. Instead of using traditional music marketing methods such as flyers, you can adopt modern-day technology to accelerate the process. Let’s discuss some of the unique music marketing strategies you can use to promote your new music school.

Social Media


Social media has evolved and music schools can leverage this evolution to market their services. Some of the conventional music marketing strategies such as word of mouth, email campaigns, and flyers are still in use. However, social media is fast overtaking them. Why is this the case? Social media is accessible, fast, and easy to utilize.
With social media, you can have direct interaction with potential students at any time of the day. Music schools should use social media to; reach a wider audience, promote brand awareness, attract more relevant leads, and increase client satisfaction. It’s prudent to say that social media is today one of the best music marketing strategies for schools.

How can Music School Marketing Leverage Social Media to Gain Success?

It’s worth mentioning that social media is not just about posting interesting content on your social media platforms. There are various steps involved in preparing, executing, and content posting management. Let’s discuss the best social media practices to incorporate in your music marketing strategy.

·        Launch and be Active in Two or Three Platforms

With the continued evolution of the digital era, there’s an influx of social media platforms. You don’t have to open an account on every platform. Establish two or three robust platforms and stick to those. Your school will benefit more from having minimal albeit active social media platforms. Keep your platforms active by posting relevant content and engaging with your audience.

·         Take time in Setting up Your Profiles

Update all your “about me” sections. Many times, your visitors and potential customers visit your “about me” section to know; your services, who you are, and where you’re located. The location and contact information of your school play a critical role in your profiles. You need to include a link to your website too. Always make sure the website is up to date with your latest services, and activities your current students are engaging in.

·         Maintain a Consistent Image

Maintaining a consistent image is a critical factor when it comes to music school marketing. This is because it’s directly proportional to brand perception. Make sure your voice is heard across your social media platforms. Remember, you may need to modify your approach and style depending on the platform you are using. Still, you can find strategic ways of displaying your music school values and remain consistent while interacting with your audience.

·         Promote Your Social Media Platforms through Email

Social media platforms will only be effective with sufficient followers. Devise strategies to have your existing students as well as potential students on your platform. You can do so by encouraging your current followers to share content on their platforms and various groups. Incorporating links pointing to your social media platforms at the end of every email you send can increase your following.

·         Come up with a Content Calendar

A content calendar is a comprehensive plan of what you plan to post when you post, and where it will be viable. Preparing a content calendar can be time-consuming but it’s worth it. One of the most effective music marketing concepts of attracting and sustaining social media following is consistency.
Posting consistently keeps your followers updated and enables them to keep a tab with the services you’re offering. You can come up with a posting plan in advance to make the process easier and manageable.

·         Configure Targeted Ads


Today, ad-algorithms are quite intelligent. You can configure your music school’s targeted ads on various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook at a small fee. These ads will be directed towards prospective leads. This system will also target your ads to the people within your point of interest which in this case is music.

·         Encourage Interaction

To utilize social media to its full potential you need to interact with your audience. This is a critical factor in retaining your existing followers and attracting new ones. Here are some ideas to help you execute this process.

  • Ask intriguing questions about your industry
  • Create mini-challenges where your followers can share their experiences through photos and short stories.
  • Post exciting surveys and polls related to music

·         Keep it Visual

Statistics suggest that the most viewed and shared content is usually visual. While your followers will read your text posts, your images and videos will attract more traffic. To leverage this fact, include an image or video alongside every text post on your social media platforms. Remember, your followers hardly have time to read through long texts. You want to keep your description as minimal as possible.

·         Avoid Over-promoting Your Brand

Over-promotion is among the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make on social media. When you over-promote your brand, people start doubting your authenticity. Stick to sharing authentic and valuable engaging content on your social media platform to achieve success.
One of the ideal music marketing strategies you can integrate into your social media platforms is posting the current music trends, services, and equipment that your school offers. Adopt the 1-in-7 rules which state that only one out of seven posts should be promotional.
The rest should incorporate interesting and valuable content. This will keep your followers glued to your page while encouraging them to share your content. In the end, the popularity of your music school will continue growing and you will eventually attract more students.

·         Address Negative Feedback Immediately

When you are a service provider, you can’t avoid negative feedback. In today’s digital era, many people use social media to express their grievances. This is attributed to the fact that brands strive to maintain a good reputation and have no option than to respond fast. Remember, the way you respond to complaints about your music school could make or break the facility.
Exercise caution while using your words on angry clients. One mistake brands make is deleting the negative comments from their platforms forgetting that once it’s posted, it can be traced. While no one wants to keep comments that depict them negatively on their platforms, deleting them worsens a bad situation.
When you read a comment from a disgruntled customer, the best thing you can do is to contact them through private messaging. Listen to their complaints, discuss what could have gone wrong, and assure them that they won’t experience such again.
You could even give an incentive such as a free ticket to attend an upcoming concert at your music school. You can check on the customer regularly to find out whether or not they are satisfied with your services.

Social Media Platforms for Music School Marketing

There are numerous social media platforms today and establishing the ones that meet your needs can be an arduous task. Here is a list of some of the most popular social media platforms you can choose from.

·         Instagram

Instagram allows you to provide a high-quality visual representation of your brand. It is one of the most popular and most important platforms you can leverage to enhance your music marketing strategy. Take professional photos of your studio and post them on your Instagram page.
Post photos of your students, music recitals, staff, and concerts held in your music school. Ensure all your photos are relevant to the services you offer. Instagram allows you to post short video clips. Leverage this to post practice drills and share short video clips of concerts and performances in your music school.
Don’t forget to give music tips for aspiring music students. Acquire more followers on your Instagram page by using hashtags. Research popular hashtags from profiles offering similar services as you are. Include them in your posts to attract those communities.

·         Youtube

Youtube is a great platform where you can share longer videos demonstrating what you offer. You could have; music class videos, different teaching styles that instructors in your music school use and testimonial videos to convince and attract more customers. Sharing full instructional videos will help you reach a wider audience.

·         Facebook

Facebook is one of the most interactive platforms today. Use the platform to share photos, videos, announcements, events, and polls. You can even ask for recommendations. To enhance your music marketing strategy, you need to invest in Facebook Ads to target prospective students.
Other Social Platforms you can use include:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter and
  • Blogs


With a robust music marketing strategy, you will reach a wider audience, and recruit more students in your music school. Always maintain consistency. This is an ideal way of interacting with existing and potential customers. Further, you get the opportunity to spread awareness about your brand and the services you offer.

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