Helping others find purpose & reinventing higher education w/ Jules Schroeder

A life long entrepreneur Jules has decided to follow her passion and help people find their purpose and find a better way to get educated that traditional higher education. … Read More

vincent ogutu

Finding meaning in what you do with Vincent Ogutu

Vincent Ogutu is a Kenyan native and is on the faculty of Strathmore Business School. He is currently finishing his PhD in Management at Rutgers University, and is on a Fullbright Scholarship. He’s currently studying social entrepreneurs and how they … Read More


Doing what you love and helping Veterans – A Voicesforvets.co Special podcast with Frank Gustafson

Today we’re dedicating our episode to Voices for Vets. And today’s guest is an expert at about helping vets make the transition to civilian life, (He did it himself, coming from the Marine Corp) Frank Gustafson. This show was a … Read More

richard rierson

How to be an effective business leader with Richard Rierson

[powerpress] Richard spent 10 years in the armed forces ultimately leaving as a major. He was then thrust into the corporate as a corporate executive at the Vice President & Director level. He was always surrounded by great leaders and … Read More