Helping others find purpose & reinventing higher education w/ Jules Schroeder

A life long entrepreneur Jules has decided to follow her passion and help people find their purpose and find a better way to get educated that traditional higher education.

We talk about the problem with higher education and how Jules is trying to change the paradigm with CreateU. Online education has taken off in the past several years and is in fact one of the fastest growing industries, because many college grads aren’t happy.

What are some of the core questions to lead someone down their path to their purpose or passion? We’ll talk about those in this conversation

How do you know if you should be working on a passion project?

Ask yourself – “Is this a hell yes or no?”

When you check in and see how something feels, you have to make sure it’s a complete yes or something you’re not quite sure about. Checking in and not just getting caught up in the routine or opportunity.

About Guest:

Jules Schroeder is the Founder of CreateU, an online platform out to reimagine higher education in collaboration with the People+ Planet Project affiliated with the United Nations. At 26, Jules is creating a movement to empower youth to choose themselves by learning strategies from top experts so they can profit from their passions in this evolving world.

Jules launched her first 6-figure company at the age of 18 and her first 7-figure company at 22. She has served as a consultant for many top educational institutions like the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Jules is known for being a trailblazer wherever she goes, demonstrating a unique ability to spot trends and create innovative global solutions. www.createu.life

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