Amazon Seller Central accounts outside of US

Start Selling On Amazon, Even If You’re Outside The US

Amazon is the place to be if you’re in e-commerce, selling outside USA or you’re looking to get started with an online business.

Why? Well, how about 110B reasons, as in that’s their projected gross sales this year.

Recently, I moved to Switzerland and without really knowing where else to go I thought I’d try buying on Amazon Germany (  I made a simple test, and sure enough within a week I had the item I wanted.  It was very easy to do, in large part thanks to the huge capital investment Amazon has made into growing its international platforms.

In order to keep up with the blistering pace of growth and investor expectations, Amazon has expanded outside the U.S. Their international platforms are growing briskly and added to nearly 40+% of overall sales this year alone.

Take a look at these numbers.

– Germany $16B in sales

– United Kingdom $11B in sales

– Japan $10B in sales

Here is a list of some of the other countries (as well as the above 3)

Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Spain, Amazon France, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China

With these other countries just getting started, it won’t be a surprise if the platform continues to keep the growth pace they’ve maintained over the last decade.

As Amazon upgrades WaveReview will add all of these other countries, as well. Below are the steps that you need to follow to create your Amazon seller central country specific account.

Go to set up Amazon regions, then to our Amazon Reviews home page and select the Try It For Free For 30 Days button

Use the wizard to create a trial account, and when you reach the third screen which asks for your business information, scroll to the bottom of the page and change the default country from United States to the country you wish to sell in as Amazon Region.


Complete the sign-up wizard

Check to see if the email templates for your country’s language are available. While WaveReview is not responsible for the default templates of other languages, all of our emails are fully customizable to fit the specific Amazon region where you’re selling.

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