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Finding meaning in what you do with Vincent Ogutu

Vincent Ogutu is a Kenyan native and is on the faculty of Strathmore Business School. He is currently finishing his PhD in Management at Rutgers University, and is on a Fullbright Scholarship. He’s currently studying social entrepreneurs and how they find meaning in what they do “Inspiring people to live deeply meaningful lives”.
In fact as a part of his studies he’s running a survey. We really encourage you to take his 15 min survey for entrepreneurs that will help advance our knowledge about the different ways in which entrepreneurs find meaning in what they do: Take the Survey Here

What gets Vincent excited everyday is the possibility that something he says or does may trigger a fundamental shift in someone’s perspective, giving powerful meaning to what they do.

The more you see how your work impacts other people the more meaningful it becomes to you. If you’re struggling with purpose discover how your work is helping people. We talk about a fantastic example of how a wall street executive took her business skills and made a massive impact in prisons working with convicts
See Vincent in action in a project he’s passionate
about on Youtube


Links / Resources

Vincent on Youtube
Vincent’s Survey
Defy Ventures – Example of Wall St executive that turned their skills into a passion project business.
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankel
Delivering Happiness with Tony Hsieh – A great book for turning a passion (incredible customer service) into a passion project business, and one of the most powerful business models in the world.

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