Business Mindset


How to take on the impossible w/ Travis Steffen

Travis comes from a competitive background as a professional MMA fighter and poker player. We dive back into those stories and it really brings clarity to his business strategies and perspectives on life. (taking on the impossible) He has a … Read More

Billy Murphy

Lessons Learned From Professional Poker To Running A Passion Based Business w/ Billy Murphy

You probably have heard of Bill Murphy from his popular podcast and blog Forever Jobless. But we go back to the beginning of  Billy’s career and start with poker. He started out playing poker just for pennies. He improved throughout … Read More

Seth Godin - How to turn your work into art

How to turn your work into art with Seth Godin

[powerpress] I had an inspirational conversation yesterday with Seth Godin. He told me some things, and one of them stuck… Write until you are not afraid. In thinking about why I stopped writing, it seemed to come about the time … Read More

Todd Herman

How to Build Goals like an Olympic Athlete with Todd Herman

[powerpress] Todd Herman is a high level sports coach. His enthusiasm and belief that athletics is the greatest training ground for developing leaders on and off the field – is why so many people flock to work with him. His … Read More

micha mikailian

Finding your passion for business w/ Micha Mikailian

Micha Mikailian might be the definition of a serial entrepreneur, starting 8 different companies since he was a teenager. He connected with the idea of being an entrepreneur ever since he was in high school, DJing for dances and events. … Read More