vincent ogutu

Finding meaning in what you do with Vincent Ogutu

Vincent Ogutu is a Kenyan native and is on the faculty of Strathmore Business School. He is currently finishing his PhD in Management at Rutgers University, and is on a Fullbright Scholarship. He’s currently studying social entrepreneurs and how they … Read More

Todd Herman

How to Build Goals like an Olympic Athlete with Todd Herman

[powerpress] Todd Herman is a high level sports coach. His enthusiasm and belief that athletics is the greatest training ground for developing leaders on and off the field – is why so many people flock to work with him. His … Read More

Rob Scott finding your why

Finding your why w/ Rob Scott

[powerpress] Rob has been sought out as a Mindset Expert and Master Coach for industry and government leaders the world over. (you might recognize one of those, Eben Pagan) He had a dysfunctional upbringing that led him to addictions and constantly … Read More

Ryan Moran Amazon Product Business

Building a Unique Brand on Amazon w/ Ryan Daniel Moran

[powerpress] Ryan Moran is one of the best guys around on Amazon. He has a unique formula for getting reviews and crushing the competition. Ryan was an entrepreneur from the womb. Drawing pictures and going door to door to sell … Read More

Dane Maxwell Business Mindset

What does mindset mean for your business? – w/ Dane Maxwell

This episode is all about mindset. Dane is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 22 businesses in the past 8 years Going through college he read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad; changing from the employee mindset to … Read More

Mike Tecku Business Development

Making work fit your lifestyle – w/ Mike Tecku

Mike Tecku’s story starts with him pursuing his passion and dream of being a full time musician. Living on food stamps. Making no more than $8,000 in one year. He gave himself 2 years. But the end result wasn’t the … Read More